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Genesis Black Magic String Review (Leave a Comment to enter to win one of 5 free sets)

As promised, I am delivering my first of many string reviews. As the title indicates, this first string review will be for Genesis Black Magic. Some of you may be wondering why I chose this string as my first choice. Is this my favorite string? Is this the string that I use? The answer to both of those questions is no. The simple reason is because I have several videos on YouTube of me playing with that string, a YouTube video of my thoughts on this string, and I felt this string could use a formal write up on it to match the videos. Most of my reviews will not be a full bed. I am a full believer in using a hybrid setup to maximize performance of my racquet and strings. If you are not sure what that is, then check out Ian Westermann's (from Essential Tennis) gear description by clicking here. Videos below are of my play test (which are located on YouTube) and labeled for your convenience.

In the videos, I am using a Prince Rebel EXO3 Rebel 98 as my racquet of choice. I strung Genesis Black Magic 17 gauge in the mains at 56 lbs and crossed it with Genesis Blizzard synthetic gut 16 gauge at 54 lbs. The Dynamic Tension (DT) as recorded on my BEERS ERT 300 ( was 34. I have also play tested this string in my latest racquet, Wilson BLX six one 100L. I strung it with Genesis Black Magic 17 gauge in the mains at 58 lbs and Genesis Blizzard Synthetic Gut in the crosses at 58 lbs. My DT was 42. As expected the string played totally different in each racquet. The numbers listed below will have a P next to them and a W next to them to represent the Prince racquet and the Wilson racquet. Although there were some differences, my perspective on the overall performance of the string is the same.

Let's start with some of the specifications that this string has to offer. Below is a table showing the Stiffness and Tension loss of this string. String stiffness was measured by the United States Racquet Service Association (USRSA). Typically, the stiffer the string, the less power, but more control. Also, the stiffer the string, the less feel and typically the harsher it will feel on your arm, elbow and shoulder. If you have any arm, elbow or shoulder problems, playing with a stiff string can have a negative impact. Of course, you can hybrid stiffer strings with softer strings to lessen how stiff they feel.

Name                              Material      Size in (mm)  Stiffness lb/in    Tension Loss
Genesis Black Magic 16
Genesis Black Magic 17

Now, let's talk about some of the pros and cons of this string:

  • Power (Definitely provides a lively response for a poly)
  • Durability (Seems to last fairly long with minimal signs of wear)
  • Spin (Although decent spin, definitely not as spin friendly as other strings on the market)
  • Control (very powerful poly that may not give players seeking control what they want)
Ratings are on a scale of 1-100.
Power: (80P) (80W)
It definitely provides some pop. Although, not as much as natural gut or some multifilament strings, this string is very powerful for a poly. During my playtest, I noticed that I could really punish the ball on my groundstrokes and put balls away with ease. I did have to be careful though as the ball could really fly out if I over hit. 

Spin: (70P) (70W)
I think this string has better than average spin potential, but does not necessarily provide added spin. If you already hit with spin, this string won't add much more. If you are a relatively flat hitter looking for a string to help you add spin to your strokes, then I would look elsewhere. 

Comfort: (80P) (80W)
This string is a poly, so it is going to be stiffer than other string materials. With that being said, I have recently had shoulder surgery (May 2012) and I find that this string is very comfortable on the arm for a poly. I don't have any pain or soreness in my arm, elbow or shoulder after playing with this string.

Control: (75P) (80W)
When it comes to control, I had mixed feelings. On my groundstrokes, I felt like I didn't have to hit as hard to get the depth I wanted and could definitely unload and go for the winner. I did seem to over hit on plenty of shots and it took some time for me to dial in this string. Although it is stiffer, I feel that there are better strings on the market if you are looking for a control string. 

Serves: (80P) (85W)
Since the power of this string is high, my flat serves were penetrating and I could really feel the pop coming off of the stringbed. I did struggle to get the spin I needed on second serves and didn't have the confidence in being aggressive with my second serve. Overall placement of my serves was decent, but not having confidence in the spin being generated to get the ball in the court proved to be costly during my match.

Volleys: (80P) (85W)
No real surprise here. Volleys felt crisp and sharp. I could really get the ball to penetrate when needed and the strings surprised me with some touch as well. Volleying was a pleasure  with this string and I think it performed exceptionally well.

Durability and Tension Loss: (90P) (90W)
I am not someone who breaks strings often, but I can tell you that these strings showed minimal wear after 2 weeks of play testing. I hit for about 25 to 30 hours in the 2 weeks and they did not break. The DT recorded by my ERT 300 was 30 on the Prince racquet and 36 on the Wilson.  Even as the string lost tension, I did not notice a trampoline effect or a significant loss in performance.

String Movement: (78P)(75W)
The strings did move a little and they did not always snap back in place like a lot of other poly strings. It's not even close to as bad as multifilament strings, but you will be adjusting them a little between points. Overall, string movement isn't bad, but I prefer poly strings that snap back and I don't have to move them.

Overall Score: (79.1P) (80.6W)

I think Genesis Black Magic is a quality string that can be used by a variety of players. Since it is a little softer, it may appeal to players with arm issues but still want the performance characteristics of a poly. Serve and Volley players may find that this string could compliment there game with it's strong ratings in serves and volleys. I also think doubles players my find this string a pleasure to play with as well. If you have technical efficient strokes and need a string that packs a punch to help you finish off points, then I highly recommend this string.

If you are having problems finding the right string or you are curious about what string would best suit your game, I am committed to helping you solve this problem. Please leave a comment below or email me I will personally work with you to help you find the best combination for you personally. Yes, just in case you were wondering, I will help you for FREE!!

Please leave a comment below on your thoughts of my review and if you have played with this string. Please include what racquet you strung it in, the tension and your thoughts.

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Playtest Part 1

Playtest Part 2
Playtest Part 3 and Vocal Review

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  1. I love Black Magic Strings. Currently Half Sponsored by Genesis and the set has a lot of power and spin. Love it

    1. That's awesome. Please feel free to post your ratings and specify what kind of player you are. For instance, are you a serve and volleyer? Also, in order for me to enter you into the drawing, please register so I can have a name to enter into the drawing.

  2. thanks for the review enter me please-robert

  3. Thanks for the review. Please enter me in your drawing.

  4. Congratulations Robert Chang and Saigon Bond. You both win a free set of Black Magic. Please email me your name, email address and mailing address and whether you prefer 16 gauge or 17 gauge to

  5. thanks to string rx for my genesis black magic strings. I recieved them in the mail, and then the next day i got them strung in my racquet. I play with the babolat pure drive 2012 and i got the strings strung at 60lbs. Even at this tension the strings were still very comfortable, with lots of power. Almost too much power that i had to be sure to add some extra spin to keep the ball in. The strings gave me good feel at net better than my usual string which is vokyl cylone. All in all my experiences were very similiar to the review.Great strings and great giveaway.

  6. Update: so far so good with the genesis strings, they are maintaing tension really well, i have played a couple of sets with them, and i found myself coming to net more often because the feel of these strings are amazing. I am able to hit drop volleys and drop shots that make it very hard for my opponent. Serving with this string is not the best, but it would proably get better if I lowered the string tension. This a great string from genesis and all of the people who i have played with commented that i was playing a lot better than usual. So maybe the strings are working. BTW i gave your business cards to some people at my club, so hopefully that helps in getting the word out.

  7. Final Update: The genesis black magic strings broke in my racquet. The strings lasted me about 4-5 days I think. The strings were amazing before they snapped, it maintained good tension, and good durability, great power, easy access to spin and control. All in all a good string and I am definitely considering switching to it.

  8. I have read many article regarding to this topic and done lots of research for the same. but here i get something new.thanks for sharing.

  9. Finally had a chance to string full bed of the BM17 in my PDR2012 @53lbs. BM Play tested vs. RPM17 in identical stick. BM dry and smooth surface. RPM a bit slick and gear shaped surface. Very comfortable feeling co-polys. Initially very slight difference in playability, power, spin, control from all areas of the court. Slightly more power with BM and slightly more spin (better snap-back with the slick coating) with RPM. After 10 hrs. of play on each stick, noticeable big drop in tension in stick with RPM (dead and virtually unplayable). BM held tension far better. After 15 hrs., BM broke and RPM badly notched. Doing a basic cost/benefit comparison, BM @under $10/set and under $100/reel compared to RPM @$18/set and $235/reel its really not a comparison.
    (5.0 all court player)

  10. great review. Will try this string (16g) next week in cuba for a full week. will post my experience when i ll be back in Québec, Qc, Canada in mid december. Pierre Trudeau.


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